What is the 67th book of the Bible?




Wether you are new to Scripture or not, we are all attracted to the God of the Bible with TRUTH (Titus 1:2) being one of the perks of a relationship with him. Scripture tells us that it is not by chance that we are attracted to our creator, but rather it is more of a calling us in (John 6:44) to our relationship with him that takes place. This is a relationship that can begin at any point in our lives with no expiration date, save death, to that open offer. During our short time on Earth we face a plethora -and then some -in the area of crisis. Many of us will seek out help in forming our relationship with the designer, creator, and giver of life. Sometimes this alleged help will even come to our own door step. It can come in the form of any given denomination of Christianity that assures us that despite Jesus words found in Luke 9:50 and Mark 9:40 THEY have the exclusive on salvation, their ‘exclusive interpretation’ of scripture coming in the form of the 67th book of the Bible, the book of Opinions is above all other denominations of the faith.

Scripture invites us to ‘not quench the Spirit, not despise prophecies, but test everything’ 1 Thessalonians 5). It is each individual follower of Christ’s responsibility to make an honest effort to dig for spiritual truth (Proverbs 2:4) the reward for these efforts are of the highest sort. Therefore, let us not be misled by the 67th book of scripture comprised of the thoughts of men, attempting to complete the thoughts of God. Read your Bible today.


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Author: My Christian Freedom

I am a minister of 31 years and devout Bible student. I believe the message in the Bible is a book that is much shorter and simpler to understand than many best-selling series are, and can be embraced by any and all who properly prepare their heart for the journey of spiritual knowledge.