Spiritually deaf?


What is the number? The total number of human beings who have put faith in Jesus Christ teachings since he walked the Earth? Even a simple google check, or a random internet scholars guess would be a large sum indeed. Now  factoring the different variation, total sum, and  amount of faith each individual held during their walk on the Earth, is a more daunting equation to take a stab at.

Simply looking around us nowaday, it gets very complicated to even try a guess at who still believes in a designer, creator, and giver of life. What percentage of humanity will never believed at all?  (John 6:44) How many are in denial of Gods calling within them? Over time, have they simply gotten really good at ignoring their spiritual needs? What are they doing to drown out this call? or How are they attempting to replace it?How many hear the call quite clearly and simply make peace with it being around and no further action is taken on their part,ever? Basically, what hope is there for the spiritually deaf?

Many an overzealous Christian would simply dismiss these secular masses with a simple man-made catchphrase such as ‘Each one reach one’ or ‘They aren’t worthy.’ During our walk with Jesus, many of us have learned through experience that this life, as it is, holds many a  different season for all of us. We go through seasons in our lives where it almost seems that we are in a literal spiritual paradise and everything around our lives, especially as regards our relationship with God, is as perfect as it can get. The season suddenly and sometimes even violently turns for the worst and we are bucked in place. Occasionally tossed out of that spiritual paradise altogether. Our reaction to these sudden spiritual startlements varies by not only faith, but experience as well. Both our own experience and that shared by others.

Now, what if there is NO experience to grasp at? (John 17:3, 1 Timothy 2:3,4) (Romans 12:12) What if all we have is a small grain of faith and hope that, maybe, just maybe, there IS a God that can help, yet we have no clear path to follow? Should the spiritually deaf be left to their own fortune in life? We know full well that there are those invisible agents who delight in just this outcome. Jesus Christ himself cleared up this process called life for us and cleared up exactly what his followers were up against and who would be HIS agents of truth and hope (Matthew 28:19,20) (James 5:20). Let us all prepare ourselves to not only defend our faith, but more importantly share it with all who will listen.





Author: My Christian Freedom

I am a minister of 31 years and devout Bible student. I believe the message in the Bible is a book that is much shorter and simpler to understand than many best-selling series are, and can be embraced by any and all who properly prepare their heart for the journey of spiritual knowledge.

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